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The 'Style Freed' ideology was born in 2008, while listening to Andre 3000's feature in John Legend's hit song...'The Green Light'. 8 years later and 1000's of miles away, Style Freed creator, Vanessa decided to finally put some action into her ideas. 


However, before her ideas were manifested, life threw the unexpected curve ball of a baby while battling Lupus. After much needed healing and surviving the first years of motherhood with a rock star baby, Motley... Vanessa is ready to share Style Freed with the world. 


Hand-stamping has always been a hobby that has turned into a passion. Each personalized jewelry piece is unique and Vanessa gives a little piece of herself into each creation. 'Less is More' is a mantra that the minimalist organically lives by. 

The 'More' part is revealed through the versatility of the minimal wrap. You choose how to wear your style freed. 


Style is a synonym for name...


Each piece allows you to decide and choose what Style you want...


Cue the name 'STYLE FREED'.  

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