Slay Ready - Druzy Azurite Malachite

Slay Ready - Druzy Azurite Malachite


(518 DKK)


Introducing the original Slay Ready Collective, where completed constructed pieces are ready for purchase as is.


Each pendant is uniquely crafted with hand-picked healing crystals & pendants for the ultimate pop of energy. 


"Azurite Malachite is a fabulous stone with a lot of healing properties. It is also popularly called “The Stone of Heaven”. This is so because the stone is believed to provide better awareness and vision about all areas of life. It is associated with stimulating natural talents, removing vanity, replacing stillness with love and providing a calm feeling. The green colors of this stone are said to be helpful in many ways. The green color of this stone inspires us to take action, accept change, raise innovative skills and heal the emotional traumas. When the two different stones called Azurite and Malachite combine, they result in a lovely mineral stone called the Azurite Malachite."


 This stone has been dressed in the finest steel wire. Each stone is hand-wired and unique.

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    Cord Color Options: Brown 

    Chain Options: Bronze Plated Steel 

    Cord length: 1/2 meter of genuine supple suede lace, made from top quality split grain hides 

    Metals: (all metals used are nickel, lead, and cadmium free.)

    Stone: Druzy Azurite w/ Malachite Inclusions

    Stone Measurement: 6x3 cm

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