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Slay Ready - Labradorite

Slay Ready - Labradorite


(488 DKK)


Introducing the original Slay Ready Collective, where completed constructed pieces are ready for purchase as is.


Each piece is uniquely crafted with hand-picked healing crystals & pendants for the ultimate pop of energy. 


"Labradorite has two characteristics: Magic & Protection. Labradorite healing crystal has the ability to collect negative vibrations and releases positive ones to create a good mood. It strengthens our inner worth and at the same time gives power to our physical body. It produces a powerful chakra that promotes healing and growth. This stone is usually used to meditate and balance your aura. Labradorite crystal meaning has a magical ability to promote growth to our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical healing."


 This stone has been dressed in the finest steel wire. Each stone is hand-wired and unique.

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