Introducing the original Village Collective.


'These beads have traveled across the world...all the way from the island of Haiti. A small team hand makes these beads being creative with their limited resources.'


I am thrilled to bring a positive spotlight to an island that has endured many obstacles...but still are resilient. 


This minimal piece, is perfect for the human who wants their jewelry to tell a story. 


The piece is finshed with a Antique Silver colored brass charm that can be personalized with one letter. 

Village Bangle

  • Metal Bracelet: Stainless steel with a 'pearl hook'

    Metal Blank Charm: Brass, Antique Silver Colored 10mm (all metals used as nickel, lead, and cadmium free)

    Beads: Hand-made clay and recycled cereal box beads from Haiti, Olive Green ceramic Greek spacer beads, Inlaid copper mala beads, paired with silver color spacer bead